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paper Comparison Between OFDM and STDCC Mobile Channel Sounders at 3.5 GHz
author(s) R. M. L. Silva, G. L. Siqueira, L. H. Gonsioroski, C. R. V. Ron
page(s) 1-14
abstract  |  full text (pdf 2177 kb)
paper Microstrip feed Spanner Shape Monopole Antennas for Ultra Wide Band Applications
author(s) T. Mandal and S. Das
page(s) 15-22
abstract  |  full text (pdf 556 kb)
paper Conception of Bi-band Rectangular Microstrip Array Antenna
author(s) Z, Safa, Z, Lahbib, B. Seddik
page(s) 23-36
abstract  |  full text (pdf 495 kb)
paper An Analysis on Electric and Magnetic Behaviour on an Induction Planar Actuato
author(s) N.F. Baggio Filho and A. F. Flores Filho
page(s) 37-49
abstract  |  full text (pdf 710 kb)
paper Coplanar Waveguide-fed Ultra-wideband Planar Antenna with WLAN-band Rejection
author(s) A. Subbarao, S. Raghavan
page(s) 50-59
abstract  |  full text (pdf 545 kb)
paper SFN Channel Measurements in Brazil
author(s) M. V. Guerra, C. V. Rodriguez, L. da S. Mello
page(s) 60-68
abstract  |  full text (pdf 563 kb)
paper Design of Four-Wave Mixing Frequency-Shift-Free Amplitude Regenerators
author(s) E. A. M. Fagotto, U. R. C. de Miranda, C. M. T. Tobar
page(s) 69-83
abstract  |  full text (pdf 498 kb)
paper New Strategies for Planning and Performance Evaluation of Wireless Networks: Case Studies Based on the Cross-layer Approach
author(s) J, Araújo, J, Rodrigues, S, Fraiha, H, Gomes, J, C W A Costa, G, Cavalcante and C, Francês
page(s) 84-101
abstract  |  full text (pdf 1154 kb)
paper Design of Highly Birefringent Holey Fibers with Near-Zero Ultra-flattened Chromatic Dispersion and Ultralow Confinement Loss
author(s) M. Samiul Habib, M. Selim Habib, S. M. A. Razzak, M. A. Goffar Khan, Y. Namihira and M. A. Hossain
page(s) 102-110
abstract  |  full text (pdf 150 kb)
paper A Simple Transformation of Improved WLAN Band Pass to Low Pass Filter Using Defected Ground Structure (DGS), Defected Microstrip Structure (DMS) and Multilayer-Technique
author(s) A. Boutejdar, A. Omar, M. Al Sharkawy, A. Darwish
page(s) 111-130
abstract  |  full text (pdf 1350 kb)
paper An Improved Zeroth Order Resonator using Left Handed Metamaterial
author(s) D. Kumar Upadhyay, S. Pal
page(s) 131-140
abstract  |  full text (pdf 282 kb)
paper Estimating the Location of Maximum Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields Associated with a Radiocommunication Station
author(s) A.o Linhares, M.A. B.Terada and A. J. M. Soares
page(s) 141-157
abstract  |  full text (pdf 405 kb)
paper On the Design of Nano-arm Fractal Antenna for UWB Wireless Applications
author(s) R. Kumar and S. Gaikwad
page(s) 158-171
abstract  |  full text (pdf 1342 kb)
paper A Passive-Matched 22 GHz 2.6-dB-NF CMOS Front-End with a 70-800 ps Delay Block
author(s) A. Roy
page(s) 172-191
abstract  |  full text (pdf 3358 kb)
paper Extension of the Misme and Fimbel Model for the Estimation of the Cumulative Distribution Function of the Differential Rain Attenuation Between Two Converging Terrestrial Links
author(s) H. Grynszpan, E.l Costa
page(s) 192- 209
abstract  |  full text (pdf 1117 kb)
paper Design of Multiple Function Antenna Array using Radial Basis Function Neural Network
author(s) B. R. S. Reddy, D. Vakula.D, N. V. S. N. Sarma
page(s) 210-216
abstract  |  full text (pdf 384 kb)
paper Analytical Study of Substrate Parasitic Effects in Common-Base and Common-Emitter SiGe HBT Amplifiers
author(s) N. V. L. Narasimha Murty and M. H. Rao
page(s) 217-228
abstract  |  full text (pdf 550 kb)
paper Spectrally-Efficient 17.6-Tb/s DWDM Optical Transmission System over 678 km with Pre-Filtering Analysis
author(s) L. H. H. Carvalho, E. P. Silva, R. Silva, J. P. K Perin, J. C. R. F. Oliveira, M. L. Silva, P. P. G. Cardoso and A. Paradisi
page(s) 229-237
abstract  |  full text (pdf 2200 kb)
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