Deduction of Electric Field Module in a Multilayer of Isotropic Materials to Detect Surface Plasmons with a Graphical User Interface




Electric field, isotropy, multilayers, optical function, plasmons, resonance, transfer matrix.


Electric field module for any isotropic multilayer thin film structure, is presented as analytical deduction. Analytic expressions for the electric field distribution are developed initially for a monolayer isotropic system based on Airy’s formulae and boundary conditions, with an incident monochromatic source of light. The transfer matrix method 2×2, is used to deduce the distribution of the forward and backward electric field amplitudes on the inner layers in a general multilayer thin film structure. Analytical results are simulated in Transverse-Magnetic (TM) and Transverse-Electric (TE) modes making evident (when takes place) an electric field enhancement due to surface plasmons resonance. A graphical user interface is created to make steady simulations and create new structures as desired, minimizing time and optimizing resources.

Author Biographies

B. G. Suan, Universidad Santo Tomás

Docente Tiempo Completo

J. Y. M. Perico, Universidad Santo Tomás

Docente Tiempo Copleto


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