Damped Jacobi Methods Based on Two Different Matrices for Signal Detection in Massive MIMO Uplink





Massive MIMO, iterative Jacobi method, diagonal matrix, stair matrix, damping factor.


For massive multiple-input multiple-output (m-MIMO) uplink, the performances of the linear minimum mean-square error (MMSE) detector are considered near optimal, and they occupy benchmark place for most linear iterative detectors. However, the MMSE algorithm is known by its load computational complexity due to the implication of large-scale matrix inversions, and in other hand, iterative methods are often preferred in signal detection because of its low complexity. In this paper, we propose a New Damped Jacobi (NDJ) detector in order to improve the performance of the classical Jacobi linear algorithm. Starting from the classical Jacobi technique to our new proposal, we go through the development of two variants; one uses a damping factor and the other uses a stair-matrix. However, the NDJ incorporates a damping factor in its construction and basing also on stair matrix instead of diagonal matrix. The performances in terms of convergence and low complexity of each Jacobi variant studied in this paper are analyzed. Finally, some simulation examples are given to illustrate the advantages of the new proposed algorithm.


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