Inverse Design of Tapers by Bio-Inspired Algorithms


  • A. D. Sisnando
  • V. F. Rodriguez-Esquerre
  • L. F. Vieira
  • C. E. R. Mercedes



Integrated optics devices, Numerical approximation and analysis, Waveguides, Subwavelength structures


The efficiency of optical power transferred between two bidimensional waveguides, continuous waveguide and periodic subwavelength waveguide has been designed and optimized by using a taper composed by variable length segments (0.03 – 0.27µm). Waveguides with variable width (270 – 330nm) have been considered and the number of segments on the taper region has been varied from 10 to 15. The optimized taper was efficiently designed using bio-inspired algorithms based on the genetic algorithms and the artificial immune system. The power coupled has been computed using the frequency domain finite element method. The best solution is 20% shorter than previously existent tapers with coupling light efficiency above 90% over a broadband interval of frequencies and it exhibits high fabrication error tolerances.


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Sisnando, A. D., Rodriguez-Esquerre, V. F., Vieira, L. F., & Mercedes, C. E. R. (2020). Inverse Design of Tapers by Bio-Inspired Algorithms. Journal of Microwaves, Optoelectronics and Electromagnetic Applications (JMOe), 19(1), 39–49.



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