• B. R. Sharma
  • S. C. Mehrotra


Microstripline, characteristic impedance, microstrip ring resonator (MRR), time domain, mV- pulse, rise time, Fourier transform, resonance frequency, effective dielectric constant, dispersion


The response of microstrip ring resonator due to time dependent picosecond pulse has been analyzed using time domain technique. Equi-impedance 50 ohms microstrip ring resonators with various mean radii have been designed and fabricated on glass-epoxy type PCB board material. The responses were transformed in the frequency range 1-18 GHz using the Fourier transformation. Further the resonance frequencies in fundamental and higher order modes were determined. These results are in agreement with corresponding results determined by frequency domain transmission technique using microwave scalar network analyzer. These values were used to study the dispersion in microstriplines. The experimental results are in good agreement with the theoretical results due to the Edwards and Kirschning-Jansen formulae.


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