• Amalraj Taksala Devapriya
  • Savarimuthu Robinson



Metamaterial, Terahertz region


In this paper, the metamaterial based rectangular microstrip patch antenna is proposed and designed for THz applications. The proposed antenna is designed with the help of circular split ring resonator as unit cell which is considered as metamaterial. By incorporating metamaterial in the conventional microstrip patch antenna, the size is reduced and the performance of antenna is improved. The proposed antenna has the dimensions of 180 × 212 ×10 µm3 which is designed on Quartz substrate which is fed by microstrip line feed technique. Additionally, the performance of the metamaterial antenna is analyzed by varying unit cell gap size and thickness. The antenna resonates at 1.02 THz which gives the return loss of -65 dB. Thus, the proposed antenna can be utilized in THz region.


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