• Han Huang
  • Yanzhong Yu



Non-diffraction vortex beam, Resonator, Dyadic Green's function, Phase-shift keying (PSK)


An axicon-frustum basin-type Bessel resonator is designed for generating non-diffraction vortex beams with opposite propagation directions under different conditions. Based on the theory of geometric optics, the principle of creating vortex beams is analyzed in this axicon-frustum basin-shaped resonant cavity. It is shown that a non-diffraction vortex beam can be produced in the cavity under high-order beam stimulation. In the terahertz wavebands, the dyadic Green's function algorithm is used to numerically evaluate the electromagnetic characteristics in the cavity, and the numerical results demonstrate that the conclusion of the principle analysis is valid. Finally, the application of non-diffraction vortex beams in digital communication is explored.


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