• Pranaw Kumar
  • Kokou Firmin Fiaboe
  • Jibendu Sekhar Roy




Photonic crystal fibers, birefringence, supercontinuum generation, dispersion, confinement loss, nonlinearity


Photonic crystal fiber (PCF) structures with do-octagonal geometry have been studied. These do-octagonal PCF structure have smaller circular holes arranged in rhombic fashion at its centre. Moreover, these small holes are doped with materials like butanol, ethanol, methanol and propanol. Do-octagonal PCF structures doped with propanol and air filled structure report  very high birefringence. Ultra flattened zero dispersion has been achieved by all the simulated structures. Besides, low confinement loss and large nonlinearity have also been reported. Numerical simulation for supercontinuum generation has been performed. Supercontinuum spectra obtained for peak power 1kW, 2kW, 5kW and 10kW are 650nm, 950nm, 1450nm and 2050nm respectively. 


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