Broadband Antenna, Fractional Bandwidth, Dumbbell Shape, Partial Ground Plane, Satellite Communication


The article proposes a dumbbell shaped broadband microstrip antenna which consists of dumbbell shaped octagons and a valley shaped backplane with a partial ground plane and multiple circular and rectangular slits. The design can be used for multiple applications working in frequency ranges from 3.48 GHz to 25 GHz. The overall dimension of the proposed antenna is 20 x 15 x 1.5 mm3. It is fabricated on FR4 substrate which has electrical permittivity of 4.3 and loss tangent of 0.025. FR4 is a low cost and easily available. The antenna covers partial frequency range for ultra-wide band applications, 3.5/5.5GHz WiMAX band, 5.2/5.8GHz WLAN band, 8/12 GHz X-band, 12/18 GHz Ku –band. It can be used in space and satellite communications etc. The peak gain is 4.5 dB and peak radiation efficiency is 68%. Simulated results are in agreement with the measured results. Curves of radiation pattern and S-parameter of both simulated and measured results are shown. The impedance curves, surface current, radiation efficiency, simulated return losses, gain, and radiation patterns of the proposed antenna are described in the paper.


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