• DEBAB Mohamed
  • MAHDJOUB Zoubir



Cylindrical dielectric resonator (CDR), planar monopole, band-stop function, U-shaped slot


In this manuscript, a novel hybrid dielectric resonator antenna for ultrawideband applications is designed, and single notched bands performance is proposed . The circle radiating patch is printed on FR4 substrate 1.64 mm thickness and loss tangent tan𛿠=0.02, and is fed by coplanar waveguide. The size of the UWB antenna is minimized to 50-40 mm2. The operation bandwidth of the designed antenna is from 3.1 GHz to over 12 GHz. WIMAX Band notches characteristics of antenna to reject, is realized by etching U Shaped slot in the radiating patch. The center notch frequency can be adjusted from 3.4 to 4.5 GHz, by changing the position of cylindrical Dielectric Resonator. The band notched characteristics, VSWR, and radiation patterns are studied using CST and HFSS high frequency simulators


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