• Fernanda Mantuan Dala Rosa de Oliveira
  • Ismael Chiamenti
  • José Luís Fabris
  • Marcia Muller
  • Hypolito José Kalinowski




Lithium Fluoride, Lithium Niobate, State of Polarization, Waveguide Femtosecond Writing


Analysis of the state of polarization of light guided by structures recorded in crystals of lithium niobate and lithium fluoride indicates that the recording method is determinant in the formation of birefringent structures. Each structure was written with a single and continuous translation of the crystal transversally to the laser beam. The characteristics of the birefringence of the structures recorded are observed in both crystals, even for lithium fluoride lacking intrinsic birefringence. In the case of the lithium niobate structure there is different areas with different degree of birefringence. The structure generated with femtosecond laser is directly linked to the recording method and the crystalline lattice can provide advantages for application in photonic devices.Lithium NiobateLithium Niobate


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Fernanda Mantuan Dala Rosa de Oliveira, Ismael Chiamenti, José Luís Fabris, Marcia Muller, & Hypolito José Kalinowski. (2018). EFFECTS OF BIREFRINGENCE ON THE ELECTROMAGNETIC GUIDANCE OF STRUCTURES PRODUCED BY FEMTOSECOND LASER. Journal of Microwaves, Optoelectronics and Electromagnetic Applications (JMOe), 17(2), 217–228. https://doi.org/10.1590/2179-10742018v17i21188



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