• P. Rocha
  • C. M. Gallep
  • T. Sutili
  • E. Conforti



Semiconductor optical amplifier, calibration, extraction, TLM method


The main systemic behavior of a Semiconductor Optical Amplifier Modelling are obtained through extensive simulations, with reasonable approximation to experimental data of commercial devices the optical gain x bias current, for different optical inputs (-25 to 0 dBm), and the gain saturation profile for different I-bias (0 to 180 mA). Parameters such as active region thickness, confinement factor, linear gain coefficient and the transparency current were adjusted based on above data. The method can be applied for different SOAs, enabling more accurate numerical predictions for black-box devices.


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P. Rocha, C. M. Gallep, T. Sutili, & E. Conforti. (2018). CALIBRATION OF TLM MODEL FOR SEMICONDUCTOR OPTICAL AMPLIFIER BY HEURISTIC PARAMETERS’ EXTRACTION. Journal of Microwaves, Optoelectronics and Electromagnetic Applications (JMOe), 17(2), 260–267.



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