• Humberto César Chaves Fernandes
  • Magno Cavalcante da Silva


TTL Method, Millimeter Waves, Resonator, Finline


The full wave TTL method is used to calculate the complex resonance frequency of the rectangular finline resonator. Also is used Fortran PowerStation for the calculation of this resonance frequency. Beside, the results are still presented in graphs in three dimensions. A slot resonator in unilateral fin line is a basic circuit element that is extensively used as a building block in the design of fin-line filters. It is also useful in other millimeter-wave circuits, such as oscillators and mixers. In the direct and concise TTL method, the Maxwell's equations in Fourier transform domain are firstly used to obtain the electromagnetic fields in terms of the transversal electromagnetic fields. By applying the boundary conditions, the fields in all dielectric regions are determined as functions of the electric fields in the resonant slot. An inhomogeneous equation system is obtained, in which the current densities in the conductor fins are related to the electric fields in the slot. By expanding these fields in terms of suitable basis functions and using the moment method and the Parseval's theorem, the current densities are eliminated, and a homogeneous equation system is obtained with two variables. The complex resonant frequency is obtained by setting the determinant of the system matrix equal to zero. The results for the unilateral fin line resonator are presented for different parameters including substrate thickness, permittivity, length and width of the slot resonator.


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