• Deeb Tubail
  • Talal Skaik




coupling coefficients, coupling matrix, diplexer, resonators, Ttopology


Diplexers are used to separate or combine two bands of frequencies and they are designed by combining channel filters using distribution circuit or alternatively designed based on coupled resonator circuits. Design parameters of coupled resonator circuits such as coupling coefficients, self-resonant frequencies and external couplings are done using optimization techniques. However, optimization techniques are not always efficient particularly for large set of parameters and hence more efficient approaches are required. In this paper, numerical solution instead of optimization is proposed to synthesize coupled resonator diplexers and obtain coupling coefficients directly from equations. The proposed direct approach achieves the desired characteristics for any given number of resonators and some numerical examples are given to demonstrate the validity of the proposed approach. One of the given examples is compared to a diplexer in literature synthesized using optimization technique and implemented using cavity resonators.


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