• ndira S. V. Yepes
  • Marcos R. R. Gesualdi




Digital holography, Dynamic process, Imaging systems, Optoelectronic devices


In this work, we present the optical recording and reconstruction of dynamic 3D digital holograms using optoelectronic devices. Digital Holography technique allows recording and reconstruction of three-dimensional images of real objects, since a hologram presents both the intensity and phase information about the object. The experimental implementation of digital holographic systems for recording, as well as for numerical and optical reconstruction of three-dimensional objects became possible. We developed an experimental setup that allowed the optical recording (construction) of dynamic digital holograms (DHs) from real three-dimensional objects in CCD cameras, together with their numerical reconstruction and their optical reconstruction in a dynamic process by using a spatial light modulator, SLM; it was used a single holographic experimental setup in the entire process. We have obtained good results that enable excellent prospects for applications in recording and reconstruction of 3D scenes.


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