• Y. Zehforoosh
  • M. Mohammadifar
  • Amir houshang Mohammadifar
  • Seyedeh Roghaye Ebadzadeh



Analytical hierarchy Process, ultra-wideband antenna, Lshaped slot antenna, U-shaped slot antenna


In this study, a novel microstrip fed Ultra Wideband (UWB) antenna is presented. The proposed antenna, with a size of 26 -30 -1.6mm3, is capable of removing four bands of interference in the coverage band. Firs, three filtered bands are created by cutting U, L, and C-shapes, a horizontal line on the patch, and fed line of antenna. The fourth notch is created by a new method that involves the use of a metalized via-hole and a C-shaped strip line in the rear side of the radiation patch. In the next step, the proposed antenna is compared with similar models with regard to different features such as size, bandwidth, and the number of the filtered frequency bands, in a new framework based on the Analytic Hierarchy Process. Thus, with a comprehensive comparison, the functional aspects of the proposed antenna are presented. The characteristics of the proposed antenna, such as radiation pattern, gain, and return loss (S11<-10dB), were measured; the correspondence between the simulated and measured results was acceptable.


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