• P. S. André
  • J. L. Pinto
  • I. Abe
  • H. J. Kalinowski
  • O. Frazão
  • F. M. Araújo


Fibre Bragg Grating, Optical Telecommunications, Optical Add Drop Multiplexer, Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing


This paper presents some aspects of the production, characterization and implementation of fibre Bragg grating as a key element for selective filtering in optical communications. Theory, fabrications and applications of the Fibre Bragg grating for a specific tuneable optical add-drop multiplexer (OADM) are presented. The OADM performance on a 2.48832 Gbit/s dense wavelength division multiplexing optical communications system with 95 km is reported. The power penalty for the removed channels was less than 0.1 dB. We obtain good agreement between the FBG behaviour the OADM performance with the numerical simulations results.


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How to Cite

P. S. André, J. L. Pinto, I. Abe, H. J. Kalinowski, O. Frazão, & F. M. Araújo. (2001). FIBRE BRAGG GRATING FOR TELECOMMUNICATIONS APPLICATIONS: TUNEABLE THERMALLY STRESS ENHANCED OADM. Journal of Microwaves, Optoelectronics and Electromagnetic Applications (JMOe), 2(3), 32-45. Retrieved from



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