Aircraft, antenna, composite material and material characterization


This paper presents an electromagnetic characterization of aircraft composite materials, as well as numerical and experimental analyses of its effects on the antenna performance. Two uncalibrated S-parameters characterization methods have been applied for retrieving the complex electrical permittivity in the L- and C-band, namely: Air-region method and Sample-shifted method. Dielectric constants of 4.6 and 1.84 and loss tangent of 2.0x10-2 and 6.1x10-2 have been obtained for fiberglass and honeycomb composite materials, respectively. A 3.0-meters prototype of an Embraer light jet aircraft dorsal fin was fabricated and used in the experiments in a semi-anechoic chamber in order to evaluate the impact of installing aeronautical VHF and L-band antennas on a fuselage made of composite materials.


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