• Carlos A. C. Wengerkievicz
  • Ricardo de A. Elias
  • Nelson J. Batistela
  • Nelson Sadowski
  • Patrick Kuo-Peng
  • Sandro C. Lima
  • Pedro A. da Silva Jr.
  • Anderson Y. Beltrame



Equivalent circuit, Parameter value estimation, Manufacturer data, Three-phase induction motor


The single phase equivalent circuit is largely used to model the three-phase induction motors in steady-state operation and under sinusoidal balanced voltages. Depending on the desired application, the circuit may or may not represent core losses, a double cage or even the variation of parameters due to skin effect and saturation. However, the determination of the circuit parameters through standard methods, such as those described in IEEE Standard 112, may not be possible in many situations given the lack of the necessary resources. This paper presents initially a survey on the determination of circuit parameters from alternative methods, i.e., non-standard tests. Special focus is given to methods which employ only data usually provided by manufacturers on catalogs and nameplates. Six analytical methodologies used in the context of efficiency estimation at steady-state operation are assessed, compared and then combined in order to improve results. The assessment is based on the closeness of the resulting parameter values to reference values and on the inexistence of absurd results, such as negative electrical resistances. The combination of methods has improved the accuracy of calculations for the studied motors.


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