• R. A. Santos
  • Arismar Cerqueira S. Jr.




Broadband antennas, printed antennas, truncated ground plane, ultra-wideband antennas


This work reports the development of a simple, low-profile and ultra-wideband printed antenna. The proposed antenna is based on a truncated ground plane and an impedance matching structure formed by a round junction and two chamfers; these modifications significantly increase the antenna frequency bandwidth compared to conventional microstrip antennas and ultra-wideband printed monopoles published in literature. An antenna prototype was fabricated using an Arlon DiClad 880 substrate with an electrical permittivity of 2.2. A bandwidth of 176% was attained at a central frequency of 14.9 GHz (ranging from 1.79 to 28.02 GHz). Numerical simulations and experimental results of the antenna's radiation pattern are also reported and exhibit good agreement. To the best of our knowledge, this is the widest bandwidth from a printed antenna that has been published in the literature.


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