• Zeeshan Ahmad
  • Song Yaoliang
  • Qiang Du



Wideband beamforming, Digital delay filter, LMS algorithm, Space-time adaptive filtering


A novel adaptive wideband beamforming method is proposed, where beamforming is achieved by LMS based space-time adaptive filtering algorithm. Conventional broadband beamforming requires desired signal to be incident from the broadside i.e. direction normal to the array. The new method overcome this constraint by make use of digital delay filters which compensate the delay of receiving data, so that the signal of interest can be treated as if it had arrived from the broadside. Then LMS based space-time adaptive filtering algorithm is applied to achieve beamforming. Another advantage of the proposed methodology is its low computational complexity while sustaining high resolution. The effectiveness and advantage of the proposed methodology is theoretically investigated, and computational complexity is also addressed. To verify the theoretical analysis, computer simulations are implemented and comparisons with other algorithms are made.


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