• Marcos Aleksandro Kamizi
  • Gustavo Rafael Collere Possetti
  • Marcia Muller
  • José Luís Fabris


optical fiber sensor, fiber Bragg grating, smart sensor, structural integrity, artificial neural network


This work proposes a system composed of four optical sensors based on fiber Bragg gratings to monitor a planar structure regarding to external localized impacts. Data processing occurs into two stages in which cascaded multilayer perceptron artificial neural network models supervise the FBGs: one determines the relative distance between the impact and each FBG and the other establishes the Cartesian coordinate. Results show that FBG strain sensors can identify impact location on structures, despite the complexity of the events and without the need for a fast response optical interrogation unit. The sensing system provided the impact location with a mean squared error of 1.11 cm in the test step.


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Marcos Aleksandro Kamizi, Gustavo Rafael Collere Possetti, Marcia Muller, & José Luís Fabris. (2015). FIBER BRAGG GRATING SENSORS PROBED BY ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE TO DETECT AND LOCALIZE IMPACTS ON STRUCTURES. Journal of Microwaves, Optoelectronics and Electromagnetic Applications (JMOe), 14, SI–25 to SI. Retrieved from

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