• José Luís Fabris
  • Luiz Lebensztajn





MOMAG is a biennial basis Brazilian forum where scientists, students and professionals can present and discuss the most recent research and developments on microwaves, electromagnetism, optoelectronics and photonics. The conference is a joint promotion of Brazilian Microwave and Optoelectronics Society (SBMO) and Brazilian Society of Electromagnetism (SBMag). Contributions cover a number of varied areas including antenna, propagation and scattering of electromagnetic waves, active and passive circuits for radiofrequency, electromagnetic compatibility, optical networks, optical and microwaves waveguides, electrical and electromagnetic materials, numerical methods, nanotechnology, sensors and monitoring systems, communications systems, among others. The MOMAG edition in 2014 was held in Curitiba Brazil, from August 31st to September 3rd. The successful event attracted more than 200 highly qualified presentations and almost 300 participants fromBrazil and from other 10 countries. Considering the high level of the conference, the Journal of Microwaves, Optoelectronics and Electromagnetic Applications (JMOe), published by SBMO and SBMag, decided to organize a Special Issue with a number of extended papers presented in MOMAG 2014. Following an additional and strict peer review process, 12 papers were selected to be published in the Special Issue. Among them, four papers focus on guided optics, from waveguide and transducer production to sensing applications in the infrared and terahertz spectral ranges. Together one more paper about unguided optical sensing, the field of photonics is well represented in the Special Issue. Three papers study antenna aspects ranging from feeding methods to optimized geometry and bandwidth performance. Completing the Special Issue, three papers are about simulation and numerical methods for electromagnetism and one last paper in a more in the very promising field of nanotechnology.

As guest editors of this special issue, we would like to thank all the authors for their contributions and all reviewers for their efforts to ensure high quality publications. A special acknowledgment we also would like to thank Professor Murilo Araujo Romero (EESC-USP) who acted as one of the Technical Program Chairs of MOMAG 2014 for his careful and valuable work. Sincere thanks also to all the JMOe team and in special to the Editors for the support and help offered us to successfully complete this task.


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