• Alberto Leggieri
  • Davide Passi
  • Daniele Gagliesi
  • Franco Di Paolo



Active Polyphase Filter, Tunable Polyphase Filter, monolithic, excitation mode, image reject receiver


This paper proposes a new topology of a 2-Stages Active Polyphase Filter (APPF) in MMIC GaAs technology. This new topology, named "radial``, allows a greater balancing of output signals phases and amplitudes, over the actual APPF's at the state of the art. In this paper an ex-novo study is shown and synthesis formulas for the APPF are provided. The MMIC simulations in 1- 5GHz bandwidth show a tunable Image Rejection Ratio (IRR) greater than 40dB, a worst case input/output matching of 7.8dB and a maximum insertion loss of 10.8dB. By comparison with the tandem topology, as will be shown in the following, the radial one allows a significant improvement in the electrical performances.


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Alberto Leggieri, Davide Passi, Daniele Gagliesi, & Franco Di Paolo. (2015). ANALYSIS AND DESIGN OF A GAAS MONOLITHIC TUNABLE POLYPHASE FILTER IN S/C BANDS. Journal of Microwaves, Optoelectronics and Electromagnetic Applications (JMOe), 14(1), 14–27.



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