• Chin-Yuan Hsieh




Electromagnetic wave interaction with random media is a process which needs improved theoretical representations. Existing assumptions and approximations for electromagnetic bistatic scattering from randomly rough surfaces sometimes remain unjustified, since this scattering phenomena is not fully understood. For further understanding the scattering behavior of electromagnetic waves from randomly rough surfaces we need an improved model to predict the bistatic scattering behaviors along different azimuth angle. The model developed for predicting the scattering characteristics from statistically rough surfaces in this paper is based upon the integral equation model with multiple scattering. Its objective is to examine the bistatic scattering characteristics from randomly rough surfaces along the different azimuth angle. For better understanding the scattering behavior from randomly rough surfaces, the information about scattering must be known omnidirectionally, not just in the specular or backscatter direction. Comparisons between the model prediction and the experimental measurements are made for both like and cross polarizations. This model prediction demonstrates good agreement with the experimental data.


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