• Daniel Moutinho Pataca
  • Luis Henrique Hecker de Carvalho
  • Cristiane Brandani Ferrari Adami
  • Fabio Donati Simões
  • Mônica de Lacerda Rocha
  • Júlio C. R. F. Oliveira



Coherent optical receiver, optical comb generator, recirculating frequency shift technique, superchannel, Tb/s transmission


This paper describes the transmission of a non-guard interval 1.12 Tb/s 10-carrier superchannel, launched into a 226 km recirculating loop. After two round trips (452 km) a BER below the FEC limit (3.8 x 10-3 was still obtained. To evaluate the superchannel generation technique, up to 72 comb lines (OSNRmin = 12.7 dB) were generated and modulated (DP-QPSK) at 112.5 Gb/s and, in a back-to-back configuration, such an 8.06 Tb/s signal was detected by a coherent receiver with offline processing, resulting in a maximum BER of 2.4 x 10-3.


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Daniel Moutinho Pataca, Luis Henrique Hecker de Carvalho, Cristiane Brandani Ferrari Adami, Fabio Donati Simões, Mônica de Lacerda Rocha, & Júlio C. R. F. Oliveira. (2013). TRANSMISSION OF A 1.12 TB/S SUPERCHANNEL OVER 452 KM FIBER. Journal of Microwaves, Optoelectronics and Electromagnetic Applications (JMOe), 12(2), 524–532.



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