• João C. S. S. Januário
  • Heitor S. Carvalho
  • Juliano R. F. Oliveira
  • Júlio C. R. F. de Oliveira


DSP, Monitoring, OSNR, Photodetection, Polarization


We develop and demonstrate an experimental cost-effective solution for non-coherent single polarization channel in-band OSNR estimation, using a digital signal processing (DSP) technique, insensitive to effects of different states of polarization. It was verified that previous reported methods when applied in a real optical network scenario (without polarization control), provides an OSNR error estimation above 8 dB when different states of polarization are considered. We analyzed, modeled and implemented this influence through numerical simulations and applied to the experimental device, resulting in a successfully OSNR estimation from 5.5 to 17 dB (range of 11.5 dB) with error below 2 dB for OOK modulated channels.


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João C. S. S. Januário, Heitor S. Carvalho, Juliano R. F. Oliveira, & Júlio C. R. F. de Oliveira. (2013). NON COHERENT EXPERIMENTAL IN-BAND OSNR MONITORING USING COST-EFFECTIVE DSP TECHNIQUE INSENSITIVE TO POLARIZATION EFFECTS. Journal of Microwaves, Optoelectronics and Electromagnetic Applications (JMOe), 12, si140-si155. Retrieved from

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