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This Special Issue is illustrative of how researchers in national and international laboratories are committed to the pursuit for providing flexible networking capabilities with emphasis on devices, transmission systems and networks. Out of the twelve selected articles, two are related to devices: a stochastic analysis of the laser spectrum, considering the effects of phase noise generation, and a study of three different techniques for optical superchannel generation. Four articles focus on transmission systems, highlighting: a study on the channel sharing in wireless optical links, a 1.15 Tb/s superchannel transmission through thousands of fiber kilometers; the impact of four wave mixing in the WDM transmission of 112 Gb/s PDM-QPSK signals; and the optimization of an OFDM transmission with direct detection in short range links. In the optical network area, six articles have been selected, covering: the use of neural networks for mapping the noise figure and gain flatness in EDFAs' power masks; the OSNR monitoring by using techniques with a cost-effective DSP; a comparative study of network architectures for next-generation ROADMs; a proposal for a scheme of an "opportunistic burst cloning" to control the overhead burst cloning; an algorithm for spectrum allocation based on first-fit spectrum ordering; and an algorithm for self-configuration and self-healing aiming cognitive optical network applications. I would like to thank the numerous authors who have believed in the feasibility of a special issue on optical communications in our journal and submitted their articles, to all reviewers, for their serious and hard work, and, in particular, to the JMOe Editor, Theresa Rocco, for the invitation to organize this edition, and to the JMOe Associate Editor, Monica Rocha, for the support given throughout all these months of preparation of the Special Issue, without which it would have been very difficult to get the obtained final quality.


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