• E. A. M. Fagotto
  • U. R. C. de Miranda
  • C. M. T. Tobar



optical regeneration, four-wave mixing, heuristic procedur, crosstalk


Frequency-shift-free all-optical amplitude regenerators based on fiber-four-wave mixing were investigated by means of simulations. These regenerators, comprised of two stages of highly nonlinear dispersion-shifted fiber, were designed using a heuristic procedure that implements a routine based on a genetic algorithm to optimize the device performance. A bit error rate improvement of up to four orders of magnitude was found as compared to a previous design approach discussed in the literature. It was due to a proper choice of the pump signal frequency regarding to the input signal that brings about a trade-off between four-wave mixing optical reshaping and four-wave mixing crosstalk leading to optimal optical regeneration. The proposed design method might be applied to other parametric devices that rely on four-wave mixing.


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E. A. M. Fagotto, U. R. C. de Miranda, & C. M. T. Tobar. (2013). DESIGN OF FOUR-WAVE MIXING FREQUENCY-SHIFT-FREE AMPLITUDE REGENERATORS. Journal of Microwaves, Optoelectronics and Electromagnetic Applications (JMOe), 12(1), 69-83.



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