• Gustavo Rafael Collere Possetti
  • Ricardo Canute Kamikawachi
  • Marcia Muller
  • José Luís Fabris


Ethanol-blended gasolin, long period fiber grating, metrological characterization, optical fiber sensor


This work shows a standard metrological characterization of an optical fiber sensor based on long period grating for assessing ethanol-blended gasoline. The sensor performance is evaluated according to the following metrological characteristics: response curve, calibration curve, sensitivity, resolution, repeatability, reproducibility, conformity, detection peak uncertainty, calibration system uncertainty, combined standard uncertainty and expanded uncertainty. The results showed that the sensor can determine ethanol concentrations in ethanol-gasoline blends as small as 0.14 % v/v, for a range between 0 and 40.0 % v/v (range I), and 0.30 % v/v, for a range between 40.0 and 100.0 % v/v (range II). However, the uncertainty analysis indicated that sensor response is mainly influenced by reproducibility and repeatability uncertainties. The result of measurement inherent to sensor can fluctuate up to ± 2.00 and ± 3.88 % v/v, for ranges I and II, respectively, for a confidence level
of 95.45 %. Such complete performance characterization is fundamental to not overestimate the sensor capabilities.


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