• Daniele Tosi
  • Massimo Olivero
  • Guido Perrone



Fiber Bragg grating (FBG), fiber optic sensor (FOS), optical instrumentation, Monte Carlo simulation


In this paper, we propose a spectral correlation-based technique for tracking the wavelength shift of a fiber Bragg grating. We compared this approach, by means of a Monte Carlo numerical simulation, to the typical peak tracking techniques applied in classic interrogation systems. As result, we obtained a considerable gain in terms of noise tolerance (about 20 dB), which can be further incremented by selecting large-bandwidth gratings. This permits to increase the power budget of a fiber Bragg grating interrogator without changing the optical layout, overcoming classical limitations of commercial and custom systems. Penalties due to the non-idealities have been evaluated through the same Monte Carlo approach. Finally, we discuss a practical application of the peak tracking techniques to a fiber Bragg grating-based weight sensor, in which we applied the spectral correlation to track both the Bragg wavelength position, spectral deformations due to high strain, and spectral non-linearity.


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Daniele Tosi, Massimo Olivero, & Guido Perrone. (2012). PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS OF PEAK TRACKING TECHNIQUES FOR FIBER BRAGG GRATING INTERROGATION SYSTEMS. Journal of Microwaves, Optoelectronics and Electromagnetic Applications (JMOe), 11(2), 242 - 251.



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