• Blaise Ravelo
  • Serge De Blasi



Dual-band device, microwave active circuit, negative group delay (NGD), signal synchronization


Recent studies proved that certain electronic active circuits are capable to exhibit simultaneously a negative group delay (NGD) and amplification in microwave frequency bands. One of the simplest topologies generating this counterintuitive NGD function effect is formed by a series RLC-network in cascade with a transistor. By using this cell, similar to the classical electronic functions, dual-band NGD microwave devices with loss compensation possibility can be designed. Theoretic demonstrations concerning the theory of the NGD circuit considered are presented. The dual-band NGD concept feasibility is concretely illustrated by an example of EM/circuit co-simulations. So, in frequency domain, dual-band NGD with minimal values of about -1 ns was observed simultaneously within two frequency bands centered at about 1.05 GHz and 2.05 GHz. To highlight the functioning of the hybrid device considered, time-domain analysis showing the RF/microwave signal advancement is performed. As application, the concept investigated can be envisaged for data synchronization in multi-channel wireless communication systems eventually degraded by undesired EMI effects.


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