• M. T. D. Orlando
  • V. A. Rodrigues
  • S. P. Dias
  • J. F. Fardin
  • D. S. L. Simonetti
  • H. Belich
  • C. C. Carvalho
  • J. L. Da Silva Neto
  • E. S. Yugue
  • M. M. Werneck




(Hg,Re)-1223, fault current limiter, laser ablation, thick film


This paper describes the development of Hg0.8Re0.2Ba2Ca2Cu3O8.8 thick film prepared with a precursor Ba2Ca2Cu3O5+d thick film, which was layered by Laser Ablation technique on PrBa2Cu3O7 substrate. The precursor thick film was thermally treated under mercury atmosphere using an encapsulate quartz tube technique. DC critical current measurements below TC determined the thick film superconductor current critical density as a function of temperature. The general behavior of the critical current density as a function of temperature confirms that the (Hg,Re)-1223 thick film has junctions type classified as superconducting-insulate-superconducting (SIS). After the critical current test the superconductor thick film has not shown any degradation or stoichiometry loss and its critical temperature has not changed after the test. Taken into account the critical current value of thick film as compared with the bulk sample, it was suggested that the procedure described here can be applied to build most electronic-type applications based on (Hg,Re)-1223 ceramic thick film.


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M. T. D. Orlando, V. A. Rodrigues, S. P. Dias, J. F. Fardin, D. S. L. Simonetti, H. Belich, C. C. Carvalho, J. L. Da Silva Neto, E. S. Yugue, & M. M. Werneck. (2011). HG(0.8)RE(0.2)BA(2)CA(2)CU(3)O(8.8) THICK FILM PRODUCED BY LASER ABLATION. Journal of Microwaves, Optoelectronics and Electromagnetic Applications (JMOe), 10(1), 114-120. https://doi.org/10.1590/S2179-10742011000100012



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