• D. Marcondes F.,
  • B. R.. de Souza
  • W. A. Artuzi Jr
  • M. J. C. Bonfim


finite-element method, PIN diode, RF switch


This work presents an equivalent circuit model for a PIN diode to be used with finite-element electromagnetic simulations in time-domain. The proposed model includes low and high frequency behaviors. The parameters of a commercial PIN diode are extracted from measurements and a single pole single through switch is constructed. The obtained results show the consistence and applicability of the proposed model.


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D. Marcondes F., B. R. de Souza, W. A. Artuzi Jr, & M. J. C. Bonfim. (2009). A PIN DIODE MODEL FOR FINITE-ELEMENT TIME-DOMAIN SIMULATIONS. Journal of Microwaves, Optoelectronics and Electromagnetic Applications (JMOe), 8(1), 38S-48S. Retrieved from http://www.jmoe.org/index.php/jmoe/article/view/257



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