• Ashraf S. Mohra
  • Majeed A. Alkanhal


Dual band, Microstrip, T-section, Wilkinson power divider


This paper presents analysis and design of a dual band Wilkinson power divider for wireless applications. The design is accomplished by transforming the lengths and impedances of the quarter wavelength sections of the conventional Wilkinson power divider into dual band T-shaped sections. Simple design equations for the basic geometry are given. The designed dual band Wilkinson power divider structure is analyzed using a full wave electromagnetic EM simulator and then realized for the Global system of mobile communications (GSM) bands (925-960 MHz) and (1930-1960 MHz). The computed and the measured S-parameters are in a very good agreement.


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Ashraf S. Mohra, & Majeed A. Alkanhal. (2008). DUAL BAND WILKINSON POWER DIVIDERS USING T-SECTIONS. Journal of Microwaves, Optoelectronics and Electromagnetic Applications (JMOe), 7(2), 83–90. Retrieved from http://www.jmoe.org/index.php/jmoe/article/view/237



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