• Dheeraj Bhardwaj
  • D. Bhatnagar
  • S. Sancheti
  • Brijesh Soni


Microstrip antenna, dual band operation, bandwidth and gain


This paper presents the radiation performance of a square patch antenna having two triangular notches on opposite edges designed on glass epoxy FR4 substrate and its performance is compared with a simple square patch antenna without any notch. The simulated results for this antenna are obtained by varying notch angle and compared with the measured results. The results indicate that square patch antenna with both notch angles equal to 168o resonates not only at two different frequencies but also offers a much higher bandwidth in comparison to a normal square patch (without notches). Both these resonance frequencies lie in the median band (3.25 to 3.85 GHz) allotted by IEEE 802.16 working group for WiMAX systems. The performance of antenna is optimized considering different conditions to obtain an antenna with dual band and high bandwidth performance. The radiation patterns, gain and radiation efficiency of antenna are also determined.


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