• João S. D. Garcia
  • Marcelo S. Anjos
  • Nelson J. Batistela
  • Nelson Sadowsk
  • João Pedro Assumpção Bastos


Ferromagnetic Materials, Magnetic Hysteresis, Eddy Currents, Magnetic Circuits, Iron Losses


This article presents the modeling of a transformer with toroidal core having short-circuited loops around a fraction of the core's magnetic section. Equations for magnetic circuits are used associated with hysteresis and dynamic losses models and parameters obtained by experiments. Dynamic losses were considered through the use of classical equations involving eddy currents while the excess losses were modeled by Bertotti's model. Hysteresis was considered by the Inverse Jiles-Atherton model. Effects of short-circuited coils on B-H loci are shown by simulation and measurements.


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João S. D. Garcia, Marcelo S. Anjos, Nelson J. Batistela, Nelson Sadowsk, & João Pedro Assumpção Bastos. (2007). STUDY OF A TOROID: CHARACTERIZATION AND SIMULATION OF THE EFFECTS OF SHORT-CIRCUITS ON LAMINATED CORES. Journal of Microwaves, Optoelectronics and Electromagnetic Applications (JMOe), 6(1), 189–206. Retrieved from



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