• Nilton Haramoni
  • Aleksander S. Paterno
  • Hypolito J. Kalinowski


Erbium doped fiber laser, FBG, multiplexed fiber sensors, tunable laser


A system for the interrogation of multiplexed fiber Bragg sensors (FBG) based on a mechanically tuned erbium doped fiber (EDF) laser is presented. A Bragg grating imprinted in a standard, single-mode optical fiber is used as a cavity tunable element, mechanically coupled to a piezoelectric actuator (PZT) with flexure hinges. A laser wavelength sweeping interval of 7.4 nm is achieved by inducing a controlled strain on the tunable FBG. The spectral position of the FBG sensors is inferred from the first derivative of the detected optical signal with no need of extra, expensive devices as a lock-in amplifier, optical filters or special fiber gratings.


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Nilton Haramoni, Aleksander S. Paterno, & Hypolito J. Kalinowski. (2007). MECHANICALLY TUNED EDF LASER FOR INTERROGATION OF MULTIPLEXED FIBER BRAGG GRATING SENSORS. Journal of Microwaves, Optoelectronics and Electromagnetic Applications (JMOe), 5(2), 146–153. Retrieved from



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