• M. Titaouine
  • A. Gomes Neto
  • H. Baudrand
  • F. Djahli


Active FSS, Fast Modal Transform, WCIP


Wave Concept Iterative Procedure WCIP is presented. Based on the transverse wave formulation and on the collection of the information on the interface, the solution is obtained via an iterative procedure instead of an integral equation. Thus, no matrix inversion is required and a convergence is insured independently of the interfaces of the structure. Moreover, no limitations on the shape of patches are imposed. Loaded ring slot resonator FSS are analyzed by the WCIP method where the loads are inserted as surface impedances. The presented method solves for the current density and the electric field on the interface. The iterative procedure is stopped once the convergence is achieved. Important gain in time computation and memory is obtained using Fast Modal Transform (FMT) based on the two dimensional FFT algorithm. The WCIP results are compared to those of the literature and a good agreement is observed.


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M. Titaouine, A. Gomes Neto, H. Baudrand, & F. Djahli. (2007). WCIP METHOD APPLIED TO ACTIVE FREQUENCY SELECTIVE SURFACES. Journal of Microwaves, Optoelectronics and Electromagnetic Applications (JMOe), 6(1), 1–16. Retrieved from http://www.jmoe.org/index.php/jmoe/article/view/190



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