• M. S. Hamada
  • A. I. Ass'ad
  • H. S. Ashour
  • M. M. Shabat


Dispersion relation, Left-handed material, Phase shift, Power flow


The paper presents a theoretical investigation of the propagation of strongly TE nonlinear magnetostatic surface waves propagating in a composite waveguide structure of a Ferrite (YIG) film, Left-handed substrate and nonlinear cover. The dispersion relation and the effect of nonlinearity on the propagation characteristics have been examined. It is found that the differential phase shift can be minimized for the smaller operating frequency and relatively thick film. The power flow has also been calculated for different values of operating frequency.


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M. S. Hamada, A. I. Ass’ad, H. S. Ashour, & M. M. Shabat. (2006). NONLINEAR MAGNETOSTATIC SURFACE WAVES IN A FERRITE-LEFT-HANDED WAVEGUIDE STRUCTURE. Journal of Microwaves, Optoelectronics and Electromagnetic Applications (JMOe), 5(1), 45-54. Retrieved from



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